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War on Terror

For discussion purposes SeniorsCAN call upon the United States and Congress to declare the war on terror “ OVER.”

Osama Bin Ladin has been killed… The war is over.

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We will never be able to kill all of his followers. For every one we do kill, renewed hatred of the U.S. increases as new leaderships emerge.

The killing of Al-Qaeda members or associates is not justified by their assumed connection to 9-11, or warranted by a recognized eminent threat to our national security.

The cost of this “WAR” to date has been a vast expenditure of our capital and resources not only in dollars, but also in lives lost or maimed. To continue making large expenditures, and putting our troops in harm’s way or putting civilians at risk is disproportionate to other needs both military and domestic.


Same Sex Marriage

Defining marriage is not only a social and moral issue, but many governmental actions have also made it a significant legal and financial issue. One of the basic tenants of this county is the protection of minorities. The civil rights of gays must be made the same as other citizens— Equal under the Law.

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P.S. Ideally the term “marriage’ should be broadened to include gay couples. However as an alternative the term “ Civil Union” could be used by all to define legal domestic partnerships, and “marriage” would be reserved for social contracts issued by religions and/or civil courts, thereby furthering the separation of church and state.