Same Sex Marriage

Defining marriage is not only a social and moral issue, but many governmental actions have also made it a significant legal and financial issue. One of the basic tenants of this county is the protection of minorities. The civil rights of gays must be made the same as other citizens— Equal under the Law.

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P.S. Ideally the term “marriage’ should be broadened to include gay couples. However as an alternative the term “ Civil Union” could be used by all to define legal domestic partnerships, and “marriage” would be reserved for social contracts issued by religions and/or civil courts, thereby furthering the separation of church and state.

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  1. There seems to be a lot controversy on the definition of the word marriage, which is understandable, as the word has had different meanings throughout history. Some want the definition to be between one man and one woman which carries with it religious connotations. Outside, and inside Christianity the word marriage has applied to multiple spouses as well as a contract to strengthen alliances and provide coherence to relationships. Because the word “marriage” has not been applied to same sex couples in the past, it should not mean that the Christian definition is immutable and be the final authority for everyone.

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  3. Changing the definition of the word, “marriage”does not make heterosexuals the same (equal) to homosexuals. Not all people are created equal. No one wants to admit that as no one in the story of The Emperors New Clothes wanted to admit that the emperor wasn’t wearing any clothes. That said, I sympathize with couples who can not get the same privileges as heterosexual couples. I believe in giving such partners the same rights as “married” couples. Just use a different name such as civil commitment, etc.

  4. Christina Dulin-Geyer | Reply

    How we perceive marriage is a “belief system” that we ascribe to. It doesn’t mean that it is that way for everyone….obviously! I believe (yes, my belief system) that all men are created equal….and are not perceived as equal….all men and women deserve equal rights no matter what their beliefs are.

    1. I am a strong believer in gay marriage. Why should they not experience the same rights and privileges as everyone else? My opinion, however, is irrelevant since this is a generational issue. To most young people, this is not a problem. They accept it as the fair thing to do. We make such a big deal about the definition of marriage, will gays marrying trivialize our marriages, etc. In ten years, we will look back on this and realize how such a fuss was made about something that, in the long run, did not affect us as individuals, or our marriages, at all.

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