Monthly Archives: September, 2013

National Policy Commission

Seniors CAN call for congress to form a non-partisan policy commission to give recommendations for legislation to address longterm goals and priorities for the country.   We think this is important because as things currently stand, our legislative process is dominated and controlled by special interest groups that represent the wealthy class.

The median wage earner in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s had a higher standard of living than today.  Whereas the income of the median wage earner has gone down, the income of the wealthy class has increased enormously.   Legislation over the last 45 years has favored the rich over the middle class to the point where the median wage earner has become part of the working-poor class.  The American Dream has only worked for a small percent of the people and left most far behind.

We feel that the idea of non-partisan commission could be advanced if people such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, President Clinton, Mayor Blumberg and others were to endorse and work towards its implementation.  They have the resources and status to make a long term commitment to rebalancing this nation’s priorities such as:  an expensive criminal justice system that in many cases destroys those who are imprisoned for minor offenses, an expensive military-industial complex,  an expensive healthcare system that wastes so much and delivers so little for the money spent,  a college system that is burdening so many  with huge debts, and a tax structure that enables the wealthy to use loopholes to avoid paying a reasonable tax rate.