Monthly Archives: January, 2014

Foreign Policy

A view on foreign policy by Norm Gottlieb:

I question the foreign policy actions the U.S. has taken over the past decades and those that are continuing today.  Possibly the most costly of wars and most damaging to our international image was the war in Vietman only to be overshadowed by our war of choice in Iraq.

Now, in Afghanistan we are planning to continue our incursion in that country beyond 2014  and globally to continue conducting a never-ending War on Terror.  Our presence in Afghanistan should be reduced to zero as soon as practicable. (No more training or military support after 2014.  No more counterinsurgency actions by U.S. forces in fighting the Afghan civil war.)  It will take a determined effort to dismantle our bases, to bring our troops home, and to leave that coountry remediating the damages we have caused.

With regard to the War on Terror, it should be relegated to what is really a police action.  Persons who commit crimes should be apprehended and brought to justice.  All killings of suspected individuals should stop immediately.  It is not possible for the U.S. to preemptively eliminate all al Qaeda or other possible terrorists.

Norm Gottlieb