Monthly Archives: March, 2014


In 1983, then-Columbia University student Obama penned an article in the school magazine regarding America’s “war mentality” and the “twisted logic”  of the U.S.-Soviet Cold War stating that our goal should be a “nuclear free world”  There is no evidence that his views have changed, but he has not used the power of his office sufficently toward that end.

Since that time, the U.S. and Russia have reduced their stockpiles of such weapons to some extent but still retain massive arsenals.  And other nations have increased their possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction or the capacity to develop them.  Today, the world is less safe than ever before.  We are vulnerable to system failures, human error, accidental use, and terrorist actions.

This nation and all of humanity are in danger.  President Obama, the Pentagon and Congress should take immediate steps to reduce the U.S. stockpile of WMD’s and their delivery systems.

It is incumbent upon every citizen to be aware of this threat to our security, and to encourage our representatives to take appropriate action. The U.S. should start by eliminating all Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (Our air and sea systems are sufficent).  Other steps might include changing budgetary priorities, re-allocating expenditures, and re-assigning personnel where deemed possible.

Norm Gottlieb