Monthly Archives: April, 2014


By Norm Gottlieb:

At times, I feel frustrated with my inability to solve the myriad of problems facing this country, and those of the world.

At times, I feel impotent, that my voice is like blowing into the wind.

At times, I fall into apathetic depression, thinking of giving up taking what appear to be futile actions.

At times, I have thoughts of doing nothing; it would be easy to “let others do it”.

However,  soon after recognizing those feelings, I rededicate myself in the belief that the most effective changes occur by individual efforts leading to mass education and collective action.

I believe it is my duty as a responsible member of society to call for action toward solving even the most intractable problems by taking incremental, positive steps.

Most of the time, I feel compelled to action.  I am optimistic.  I have hope.