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THE PRESIDENT’S WAR by Norm Gottlieb

The U.S is engaged in a de facto, never-ending, pre-emptive are of choice against Al Qaeda and affiliates, including the “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”.  We are also fighting Taliban factions and others identified as terrorists, Islamic extremists, militants, combatants, insurgents or rebels.

The CIA, The National Security Agency, and the Pentagon’s Joint Special Operations Command have been killing suspected enemies within the sovereign nations of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and other countries.

President Obama should not assume “legal authority’ in conducting the so-called “War on Terror”.  Unilateral military action killing persons without due process is against U.S. principles and international law.

Congress should re-visit this issue and re-assert its Constitutional duty to declare war and to exercise its responsibility for authorizing or prohibiting targeted killings and for financing intelligence and military expenditures.

The U.S. is not able to kill all terrorists.  Attempts to rid the world of Al Qaeda using drones or other military means fosters retaliation.  Killing particular leaders of a group is a stop-gap measure virtually ineffective; new leadership always emerges.

Where is the moral outrage of the majority of Americans in allowing the President to continue this war putting people in harm’s way and depleting valuable resources?  Controlling international terrorism is not a license for an unlawful, on-going killing program.  This matter should be handled similar to methods used to fight the Mafia nationally and gangs locally.