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B61 Nuclear Weapons by Norm Gottlieb

The B61’s are a remnant of the Cold War.  They are our oldest nuclear weapons and the Pentagon’s only tactical nuclear armament.

The only stated purpose of possessing and deploying B61’s and of proposing the “modernization” of these nuclear weapons is deterrence – mutually assured destruction.

Maintenance of B61’s based in Holland, Belgium, Italy and Turkey pose a risk of accidents and security at a cost not commensurate with its deterrence value.  We already have more weapons and a redundancy of systems capable of reaching any place on earth.

The possession of any nuclear devises above some minimal number deemed necessary for political purposes only makes the world less safe.  It not only does not make the U.S. more secure, but it actually weakens our defensive capability, our economy and our moral standing among nations.

It is unthinkable that a B61 would ever be used.  It could trigger a catastrophic nuclear war.  All of the B61’s in Europe are dangerous and provocative; they should be eliminated as soon as possible.

Norm Gottlieb