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WMD Threat by Norm Gottlieb

The U.S. does not have an enemy that poses a realistic threat to our homeland, life or property.   However, our possession of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons of mass destruction pose a significant risk to our own safety and security.

The maintenance and protection of practically all of these WMD’s are prone to accidents, thefts, misuse, rogue action, terrorism, equipment failure, obsolescence, deterioration, malfunction, human error, faulty intelligence, natural disasters, and unforeseeable consequences.

Continuing to spend vast sums of money on devices that are life-threatening, wasteful, and for the sake of humanity can never again be used is a form of insanity brought about by fear and paranoia.  This insanity also has elements of corporate profits, power, political advantage or posturing,  “Cold War” gamesmanship, military imperialism and misplaced priorities.

U.S. policy and practices of possessing WMD’s should be revisited and changed.  Whole classes of WMDs should be eliminated or curtailed.  In furtherance of our democracy there should be rational analysis and national discourse on this matter, taking into consideration not only the military need and deterrence value but also human rights, the environment conservation of natural resources and better use of manpower and finances.

SeniorsCAN respectfully urge President Obama to take action on this proposal.   Please Mr. President – Take the high moral ground and responsible humanitarian leadership.

We are fully aware of the opposition and inertia of the military-industrial-congressional complex.  But it is the right thing to do.  If you make the authoritative, principled case to the American people as only you can so eloquently articulate, we believe you would not only have their overwhelming support but also the grateful endorsement of the world’s peoples.

Be courageous.  End the “Cold War” mentality. Start an arms race in reverse.  We believe this acton would go down in history as the “Obama Declaration”.



SeniorsCAN call upon President Obama to take what would be the boldest and most far-reaching action toward world peace and security in the 21st century.

President Obama should declare that the U.S. will proceed as soon as possible to reduce our stockpile of weapons of mass destruction with the immediate aim of total elimination of chemical and biological weapons, and by 2030 the partial reduction of nuclear and conventional weapons to a minimum level needed only for deterrence and national defense.

To assure the world that we will act and abide with international treaties, we should permit the United Nations to inventory, inspect and monitor the reductions.

Such actions would benefit the U.S.  It would make us safer and less prone to accidents and terrorism.  It would enhance us economically by reducing waste and making money available for debt reduction, infrastructure improvements or other uses.  It would further U.S. prestige, international leadership, and consideration of human rights