SeniorsCAN call upon President Obama to take what would be the boldest and most far-reaching action toward world peace and security in the 21st century.

President Obama should declare that the U.S. will proceed as soon as possible to reduce our stockpile of weapons of mass destruction with the immediate aim of total elimination of chemical and biological weapons, and by 2030 the partial reduction of nuclear and conventional weapons to a minimum level needed only for deterrence and national defense.

To assure the world that we will act and abide with international treaties, we should permit the United Nations to inventory, inspect and monitor the reductions.

Such actions would benefit the U.S.  It would make us safer and less prone to accidents and terrorism.  It would enhance us economically by reducing waste and making money available for debt reduction, infrastructure improvements or other uses.  It would further U.S. prestige, international leadership, and consideration of human rights

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