Monthly Archives: January, 2016


Prohibition of alcohol didn’t work. The DRUG WAR has failed. It’s time to learn from the past and decriminalize all drugs.

SeniorsCAN call upon the President and Congress to take the following actions needed for beneficial change:

Declassify marijuana as a schedule 1 controlled substance.
End incarceration for drug abuse.
Increase medical and mental health treatments for addiction.
Support research in addiction causes and alternatives.
Promote education of the harmful affects of drug use.



Government has a basic, wholly acknowledged role in providing for the safety and security of its citizens – freedom from fear. Likewise, under our constitution, all citizens are granted freedom of religion. In addition, people desire freedom from basic wants (food, clean water, sanitation, health care, shelter, etc.). Government plays a role in providing these needs.

Government also plays a significant role in human rights and voter rights issues to assure equality and justice for all – freedom from discrimination and unwarranted incarceration, and choice of spouse.

On the other hand, as an enlightened nation, government should not impinge on the freedom of individuals to engage in such matters as drug use or sexual behavior except as may be necessary for the protection of minors.