Prohibition of alcohol didn’t work. The DRUG WAR has failed. It’s time to learn from the past and decriminalize all drugs.

SeniorsCAN call upon the President and Congress to take the following actions needed for beneficial change:

Declassify marijuana as a schedule 1 controlled substance.
End incarceration for drug abuse.
Increase medical and mental health treatments for addiction.
Support research in addiction causes and alternatives.
Promote education of the harmful affects of drug use.


3 responses

  1. I agree with the need to enact these progressive policies. It is a sad fact that the present Congress though is not progressive and would not act on these sensible proposals. It might be ironic if Trump becomes President and proves to be pragmatic and gets some progressive legislation through Congress.

  2. Many of those incarcerated for drug abuse are also drug distributors. That plus theft is how they sustain their habit. Do we de-criminalize the sale and distribution of drugs? Do we legalize sales of drugs, and tax them like cigarettes? Would drug abuse get worse, impacting even more users, after legalization? Is MJ a gateway drug? Can society function with a greater percentage of addicts? This is a complex issue. Obviously it is not harming society if someone lights up a roach once in a while in his or her home, and does not then drive. We need practical solutions for the drug problem. But if our federal government is so polarized as to be non-functional, how will that happen? My personal fear is that we will eventually have our economic system collapse under the weight of a national crisis, like nuclear war, plus unchecked deficit spending, and unfunded public pension systems. A major crisis, like a severe depression, will lead to the rise of a terrible leader (witness Hitler). In the best case, the public will awake to the dangers to our democracy and become informed, active participants. But for this to happen, half of the American public will need electroshock treatments. The other half will hopefully engage in constructive reworking of our democratic systems, which are currently being manipulated by special interests and too much money in campaigns. Let us limit the amount any pol can spend on an election for public office, and also limit the period of a campaign to a couple of months…just like in the UK and some other parliamentary democracies. I suspect that the founders of our republic would turn over in their graves if they saw how our democracy has become non-functional.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment Tom. I am hopeful that the younger generations will bring evolutionary change so that we can avoid a major crisis. I don’t think that the older generations will change even with electroshock treatment.

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