DRUG USE by Norm

SeniorsCAN call upon the President and Congress to stop the “WAR ON DRUGS” as currently being waged because it is an ineffective program, a virtual failure in stemming drug use or criminal activity, and it is extremely costly. Our judicial system leading to incarceration for drug use is not fair or just and is family and socially disruptive.

Fight the drug problem economically by taking the black-market profit out of sales and by aggressively prosecuting tax evasion and money-laundering.

Stop trying to curb the supply side of the problem by ending our incursion in other nations; stop the funding and all military aid or actions.

Address the demand side of the problem by education of the public with a national campaign enlisting media to draw attention to the harmful affects of drug use.

Treat drug addiction and drug abuse medically and psychologically; give support to social services directed to handling and reducing its use.  Also, support research and development on addiction causes and cures and on overdose therapies.

De-criminalize the production, distribution, sale, use or possession of all drugs.  End the designation of marijuana as a Schedule One controlled substance. Obviously, continue police actions necessary to curtail illegal gang activity and specific crimes related to the sale of drugs.


One response

  1. I agree. Shades of prohibition and the birth of the Mafia, etc.

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