Monthly Archives: November, 2016


Each of us is vitally concerned with his own safety. Each of us also want a family and extended communities to live free of fear from threat to life and limb. National security is the most important function of government. For our own safety and security we want strong police and military forces to protect and defend us.

But, for a well-governed nation, the size of the military should be based on a realistic prudent assessment of need and the elimination of of waste, abuse and redundancy. And, for the well-being of its citizens, there should be a thorough consideration of alternative uses of funds for civilian needs.

The need for an offensive arsenal should be re-assessed to preclude or minimize its use for the following purposes:
-war not specifically authorized by Congress
-pre-emptive war
-regime change
-political power
-to force the spread of capitalism or democracy
-taking sides in foreign civil wars
-“War on Drugs” in foreign countries
-“War on Terror” in foreign countries
-targeted killings using drones
-to conduct multiple major wars simultaneously
– wars for gain of territory or natural resources
– support of proxy wars

A calculated re-assessment of offensive needs would certainly result in a significant downsizing of the military. Furthermore, military budgets should not include items nor should allocated funds be spent for unnecessary products or programs if justified simply to enhance corporate profits or to create or maintain jobs.