About Seniors CAN

Who are the Seniors Can Members?

There are ten of us, all retired — three high school teachers, an attorney, a health insurance executive, two men from industrial manufacturing, a city administrator, a county sheriff, and an auto repair shop owner. The military experience of the group includes World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.  Politically speaking, we are “centralists,” who are fiscal conservatives for the most part, and social moderates. We are democrats and republicans, and very passionate in our views, but not partisan in the extreme, and always skeptical of government’s intentions and ensuing public policies.

As a group, we are reluctant to get caught up in the “big government, small government debate.   We are for an effective, humane government, whether federal or state, that rationally and pragmatically confronts the challenges of our time. We think of ourselves as “problem-solvers.”

And one more thing… We try to think “out of the box.” We refuse to permit the media, whether it is FOX, or MSNBC, or the hyper-rhetoric of radio’s self-appointed partisan voices to define or limit our views. We challenge orthodoxy and radicalism.  We are not constrained by either the “right” or the “left.”

We call ourselves SENIORS CAN with “can” standing for “call for action now.”  We meet every Tuesday morning from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at a member’s home on a rotating basis to discuss political issue or whatever else is on our minds. Over bagels, cream cheese, and an occasional Bear Claw, we take on the serious issues confronting America.  There’s a bit of bloviating and pontificating. That’s to be expected when you get a group of 70-year olds together.  We have all been around one tree or another, and have the “scars of life” to prove it.  But most importantly, we listen to each other, attentively and respectfully.  No one tries to out shout the other, or to score points. We learn from each other at every meeting. Not surprisingly, we have come to appreciate and care about one another. In short, we have “bonded.”

Our working philosophy is this.  Public policy should be fashioned in the least partisan manner. With the view in mind, we believe that America is at her best when the political rights and economic opportunities of her citizens expand rather than contract.  We believe that is the promise of America.  It is what we strive to achieve at OUR SENIORS CAN meetings.


2 responses

  1. I think that the Seniors need to share their wisdom to the news papers,radio,and Tv they may discover many others agree with them.

  2. Good advice John. We have made an effort to connect with others and will continue to do so.

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