Meet The Group

Glen Benton

Glenn Benson photo SeniorsCAN_PhotosMbrs_GlennBenson_zps15ed265a.jpg


Norman A. Gottlieb

Norm photo SeniorsCAN_PhotosMbrs_NormG_zps1a94a59d.jpg

-Married to Faye Gottlieb
-Born in Los Angeles, California, April 1925
-Registered Green Party
-No religious affiliation
-B.S. from CalTech in Civil Engineering
-Veteran WWII. Retired U.S. Navy, Cmdr. CEC
-Retired Chief Administrative Analyst, City of Los Angeles
-Teacher, Artist, Horticulturist

-Campaign Finance Reform
-Former President San Fernando Valley Nuclear Weapons Campaign

Long-time belief in triumph or despair : “…And this too shall pass.”

Current motto: “Agitate – Educate – Organize.”


Greg Hughes

Greg photo SeniorsCAN_PhotosMbrs_Greg_zps44e3b277.jpg

Born: 1938

Occidental College:   Physics and Math

Taught Physics and Math at Granada Hills High School

Military: US Navy 1958-1960

No religious affiliations

Isms: Empiricism, Humanism, Skepticism, Pragmatism, Rationalism

TV: Fareed Zacaria, Charlie Rose, Science programs, PBS News Hour

Hobbies: Golf, Motorcycling traveling, Dancing, Exercising

Interests : Economics, Politics,  History, The Brain, Evolution, Opera, Reading,  Science


Bob Livingston

Bob photo SeniorsCAN_PhotosMbrs_BobL_zps5fada785.jpg

I was a teacher in the Los Angeles School District for 38-years, primarily at two schools, Monroe and Van Nuys High Schools in the Valley. I taught the basic courses in US History and World History, and electives, including Psychology, Comparative Religions, and Ecology. In my last 6-years with the District, I was a Dean of Behavior at Van Nuys High. At one time or another, I was the Social Studies Department Chair, or  the elected UTLA “chapter chair” at Van Nuys High for 5-years.

I was born and raised in San Francisco, where I attended City College of San Francisco (AA Degree), and San Francisco State (BA in History/Teaching Credential). After moving to the southland, I attended CSUN (MA in Religious Studies) and UCLA (doctorate in Administrative Studies).

I have been married to a fellow teacher for 44-years.  Our children are grown off on their own… One is an assistant-principal in Los Angeles.  The other is a principal near Seattle, Washington.  We have one grandson and another due in May.

All in all, I’ve been a lucky guy.


Ray R. Lopez

Ray photo SeniorsCAN_PhotosMbrs_RayLopez_zps9958bfa6.jpg

Born: Los Angeles Calif., 31 August 1944

Living with Linda Pergament Swift since January 1978

Military : US Marine Corps,  Vietnam 1965

Work experience is in Manufacturing, Planning, Purchasing, Shop Supervision

Currently Retired

Hobbies include: Reading,  Building model airplanes, Gardening, Sailing,

Motto :  Observe, Take note, Act on observation


Walt Petrovsky Jr.

Walt photo SeniorsCAN_PhotosMbrs_WaltP_zps29ad16b6.jpg

Born :  New York City, September 1947

Married to Veronica Ryan Petrovsky,  June 2003

Military:  U.S. Air Force, Vietnam 1969

Education,  Hofstra University, BS 1972

Career:  Vice President, Operations, Inside 12X12 (entertainment)

Currently Retired

Interests:  Reading, Economics, Philosophy, Movies, Fiction, Mysteries

Hobbies:  Golf


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