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Voluntary National Service

SeniorsCAN calls upon all Americans to urge the states to establish a voluntary national program for youth focusing on domestic service to their country.

We believe it is the responsibility of youth, ages 17 – 21, residing in this country to actively devote a portion of their lives to community-based public service.

We believe the focus of such public service should be public education with youth assisting teachers, K through 12, through programs established by the states in conjunction with the federal government Our theme is a national program at the local level administered by the states.

We believe, through state and federal financial assistance, colleges, universities, and vocational schools, both public and private, should establish programs to lower tuition in relationship to the national service rendered in the schoolroom by participants in the program. The exact nature of a program should be established on a state-by-state basis with the assistance of collegiate and vocational educators.

We believe a voluntary national program has the potential to reduce the cost of higher education and/or vocational education for young people, while assisting public schools in their daunting challenge to educate the young. As a positive result, we believe the participants will gain a greater sense of self-worth and national pride through their efforts to help others.

We fully recognize the difficulties of setting up and administrating such programs. This would be an ambitious initiative with associated monetary costs, but we believe it is the right thing to do. It is time to harness the energy and idealism of young Americans. Again, we urge all Americans to take up this laudable task.